Leinenkugels Canoe Paddler

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Refreshing Kölsch style beer with a touch of rye and three specialty hops.

Canoe Paddler is Leinenkugel’s newest seasonal release, but its a little early for its kind. This Kolsch style beer is light and refreshing, which would be perfect for the summer months. It goes down smooth and easy which makes it an enjoyable brew, but the flavor is very light tasting. Canoe Paddler reminds me of a pilsner. It has the same characteristics of a pilsner, but the rye flavor gives it an advantage. The Kolsch style is pretty knew to me; I’ve only tried a few. The rye flavor is a great addition to this summer seasonal, and makes this the best Kolsch beer I’ve tried so far. I would recommend to try Canoe Paddler when the weather warms up., but don’t expect too much out of it.

Kolsch-Style w/ Rye--Pale Gold$$


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